Phil Gardner's Career Page

Phillip E. Gardner
5815 18TH ST N APT 18
(727) 258-4594 (cell phone)

About Phil

Phil received his BS in 1982 in Computer Science and his MS in 1986 (also in Computer Science). He studied Computer Graphics, Compilers, and Databases during his MS. He worked on a PhD (at the University of Colorado, Boulder) where he studied Databases, Compilers, Analysis of Algorithms, and lots of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Phil has been using UNIX since 1982, X/Motif since 1989, Object-Oriented Programming since 1990, and C++ since 1993. He has been using Java since late 1995.

While in his MS and PhD programs, Phil taught classes. Since then, he has taught classes for Digital Equipment Corp, AT&T, Silicon Graphics, and other companies. He has written courses and taught Java, C, C++, Perl, Unix, Object-oriented Analysis, Design, and Programming, and X/Motif.

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