Resume / Phil Gardner

Phillip E. Gardner
5815 18TH ST N APT 18
(727) 258-4594 (cell phone)

Phil started developing for Unix in 1982, X/Motif in 1989, Object-Oriented Programming in 1990, C++ in 1993, and Java in late 1995.


Nov 2008 to Feb 2009
Wrote an address book program in Java using Swing for my Dad for Christmas. The data is stored in XML files using DOM. It prints envelopes and address labels. People and their addresses are listed in a swing table. This software was developed using Windows XP but tested on my Dad's Mac and my Ubuntu Linux laptop.

Stock Market Analysis Software --- Mar 2002 to Sep 2006
Experimented with several approaches for the computer analysis of stock prices and mutual fund prices: My Stock Trading System (STS) generates short-term trades. My Mutual Fund Portfolio Acceleration (MFPA) increases the performance of a mutual fund portfolio by using aggressive rebalancing. This software is written in Java.

Fiserv Correspondent Services (FCS) as direct employee, Denver, CO --- Mar 1999 to May 2001
Improved their Java I-netWORK$RegisteredRep applet as follows Unfortunately, Fiserv (the parent company of FCS) shut down FCS and transferred all the accounts to a sister company. Everyone was eventually laid off. This was during the stock market "crash."
Jeppesen as direct employee, Denver Tech Center --- Dec 1997 to Feb 1999

Jeppesen under contract with Raymond-James Consulting, Denver Tech Center --- Dec 1996 to Oct 1997

Worldwide Computer Solutions, Inc. (WWCS), Denver, CO --- Nov 1994 to Nov 1996.

MetaCard Corporation, Boulder, CO --- May 1994 to Nov 1994.
MetaCard was a two-person company owned by a friend and his wife from my PhD program.
Digital Equipment Corporation, Germany
Taught a class at U.S. Air Force base in Germany. Classes included extensive lab work which complemented the lectures.

Federal Express, Memphis, TN. --- Dec 1993 to April 1994.
Staff engineer under contract through Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin).
Magnavox Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN. --- Aug 1990 to July 1993.
Staff engineer under contract through Aerotek to Magnavox for DoD project. Provided mentoring services in UNIX, X/Motif, and OOPs. Used Booch methodology (object interaction diagrams). Did OOPs in Ada (even simple inheritance using packages within packages). Taught week-long X/Motif course to their engineers. Survey of UIMS including TeleUSE, UIMX, WCL, DIRT, and TAEPlus. Designed User Interface Management System (UIMS) for use in a multiple process environment. Wrote widgets (including a manager widget) and was team leader for widget writers. Put a layer over TeleUSE so it could be used by non-Motif literate. Designed and coded Ada using Rational R-1000 hardware. Wrote portions of Ada interface to X and Motif. Taught our UIMS to support personnel (tech pubs) and application programmers. Experience with code reuse issues.

Workstation Windows --- String 1990 to Aug 1990
Had my own consulting company which lead to my job at Magnavox.

Data Conversion Specialists, Louisville, CO - Fall 1989 through Spring 1990.
Developed X11/Motif applications with support for PostScript printers which searched and displayed data from a CD ROM. Designed and coded Help System (X11/Motif help support using SGML input with support for multiple fonts).

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO --- Summer & Fall 1988.
Graduate Part-time Instructor for Discrete Structures 1. Sole instructor for the course. Did lectures, assigned homework, and prepared exams. Also supervised two independent studies.

Paradyne Corporation, Largo, FL --- June 82 to December 84.
Software Engineer. Wrote several UNIX-like multiprocess operating systems in C. Maintained an SDLC loop driver in UNIX. Attended UNIX internals course at AT&T Technologies, Inc. Wrote the interrupt service routines for SNA.


Univ. of Colorado, Boulder --- Aug 1986 to Fall 1989
Was enrolled in the Ph.D. program in the Computer Science Department. Research area was neural networks (an area of Artificial Intelligence). Also courses in Analysis of Algorithms and Operating Systems. I have completed the preliminary exams and required CS courses.

MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN --- Jan 1985 to Aug 1986
Computer Science major. MS Degree, Aug 1986 (4.0 GPA). Thesis research: Computer Generated Three Dimensional Animation (with Hidden Surface Removal). Included graduate courses in Computer Graphics, Databases, and Compilers.

MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN
Computer Science major. BS Degree, May 1982 (cum laude).

Learning C++ on my own - Aug 1993 to Dec 1993